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Energy for your business

Supplier of liquefied natural gas - Cryogas 

Cryogas M&T Poland is a renowned supplier of natural gas with many years of experience on the LNG market. We offer wholesale supplies of LNG for distributors and end consumers with regasification stations throughout Poland.

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LNG – liquefied natural gas 

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is natural gas with high methane contents, converted into liquid for easier transport and storage in locations not covered by traditional gas networks.


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We supply gas everywhere.

Offer – LNG deliveries and transport services 

We offer sales and deliveries of LNG to customers around Poland. We also provide transport services with our cryogenic tanker trucks. See our offer.

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LNG Station
LNG tank station
LCNG and LNG Tank station
Ship bunkering
Other solutions:

LNG facilities – scheme 

Along with the LNG supplies, we offer attractive terms and conditions for the infrastructure necessary for the final consumption of natural gas. The LNG installations which we offer allow regasifying liquid phase  or fueling vehicles and ships.

Choose the best solution for your needs.

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