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Supplier of LNG and natural gas 

Cryogas M&T Poland is a reputable and reliable supplier of natural gas with years of experience in handling demanding customers. Our offer is addressed to those interested in the use of natural gas for technological processes, heating, production of heat and electricity in combination, or drive vehicles.


The knowledge of Cryogas’ experts covers the following areas:

  • Design and construction of a LNG regasification station and distribution infrastructure
  • Innovative solutions for investments related to the construction and operation of power plants
  • Delivery liquefied natural gas using cryogenic tanks, which guarantee the transport security
  • Delivery of natural gas on the TPA basis
  • Wholesale supply of LNG to distributors and end users, who have the re-gasification station
  • Natural gas supply on the wholesale market.


We have at our disposal a highly qualified team of specialists who can help in all matters related to design and construction of LNG regasification stations and supply of LNG and natural gas.


We guarantee that the use of liquefied natural gas - LNG, in cooperation with Cryogas will enable you to introduce modern technology and maximize benefits from the financial investment. Take a look at our detailed offer concerning LNG and natural gas.


We hold licences for:

  • Foreign Trade in Natural Gas no OGZ/98/22259/W/DRG/2014/TA,
  • Trade in Gaseous Fuels no OPG/238/22259/W/DRG/2013/TA,
  • Distribution of Gaseous Fuels no DPG/160/22259/W/DRG/2015/TA,

and Tariff for Natural Gas no. 1/2016 - OŁO-4212-5(17)/2015/2016/22259/I/DSS.




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