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About natural gas 

Natural gas is mostly used as an energy source in industry, all kinds of production, technological and chemical processes, and as a heating source. In 2008, the share of natural gas in the structure of primary energy consumption amounted to 12.8% and was about two times lower than in European Union member states or all over the world (with a share of 21%). However, in recent years the importance of natural gas in the world and in the EU has been on the rise. In the last ten years annual natural gas consumption has risen by 28% globally and 16% in the EU. In 2013,  national natural gas consumption amounted to nearly 16 billion m3. In this period national production, after conversion to methane-rich natural gas, reached about 4.4 billion m3. Natural gas is imported to Poland from Russia (9 billion m3), Germany (1.7 billion m3) and the Czech Republic (555.7 million m3).


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