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Natural gas sales 

Wholesale supplies of LNG

We offer sales and supplies of liquefied natural gas to distributors with LNG regasification stations located throughout Poland. LNG is supplied by cryogenic tanker trucks directly to your regasification facility. We also deliver LNG to direct consumers, who own or lease LNG stations.


Distribution of LNG

Cryogas M&T Poland offers supplies of LNG to all entities interested in using the fuel for technological purposes, heat production etc. We provide comprehensive solutions in the scope of power investments, related to supplies and the installation of power generation facilities (boiler rooms, furnaces, burners etc.) and deliveries of LNG. Application of LNG, with assistance from Cryogas M&T Poland, will enable you to record maximum benefits in comparison to solutions based on the current fuels.


LNG and CNG as vehicle fuels

Our offer includes the final LNG or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuels, ready for vehicle fueling and offered at attractive prices, lower than rates charged at existing fuel stations.
We are responsible for all aspects related to construction of LNG/CNG fueling installation, gas supply and fueling.
Fueling of LNG/CNG can be performed without any additional personnel. We conduct round-the-clock monitoring of LNG/CNG fueling stations and we are responsible for correct operation of the equipment.


LNG as shipping bunker

Cryogas M&T Poland offers liquefied natural gas also as shipping fuel. We own a fleet of cryogenic tankers adapted to bunkering of vessels from wharfs. Cryogas can also construct an installation for ship bunkering from vessels and fixed facilities based in ports – the whole spectrum of options in this regard is presented in the diagram.


Please contact us to find out more about our offer and the details of fuel supply contracts.


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