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LNG production plant in Kalingrad

A new source of LNG supplies in Central Europe


The new LNG production plant in Kaliningrad was ceremonially opened on October 10th 2019. The Cryogas GRS-2 LNG Plant is the largest natural gas liquefaction plant in Central Europe. The LNG production plant nearby Kaliningrad is another stable and reliable source of supply. Its first deliveries have already reached Cryogas customers in Poland and the Baltic States.

The opening ceremony was an opportunity for technology and LNG production process presentation. At first, the new LNG production line in Kaliningrad purifies and transforms natural gas from gaseous into liquefied form. Next, LNG semi-trailers are loaded at newly built loading terminal. LNG transports move directly to the Cryogas regas stations and other final recipients.

LNG is widely used for industry, road transport and sea vessels. Supplies for industrial customers with limited access for the natural gas grids remain leading LNG usage direction.

Currently, the LNG production plant near Kaliningrad has an annual capacity of several dozen tons of LNG per year. The new LNG volumes will allow Cryogas for gradual increase in a number of customers. It will provide not only a guarantee of LNG gas supply but also savings and complex offer in switch for LNG fuel.

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