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Safety in LNG station operations – Cryogas Training

MOVIE | Safety in LNG station operations – Cryogas Training


Cryogas executes new projects where LNG is using for industrial customers and as a fuel for vehicles and vessels. In result, Cryogas is aware of the need to popularize best practice in the safe operation of LNG stations among an emergency services and the company’s personnel. For this purpose, Cryogas conducts workshops to transfer knowledge about LNG properties, as well as practical methods of fighting with LNG under fire. Cryogas invites you to watch a short film from the workshop.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the State Fire Service Units, which operate at the areas with Cryogas LNG stations. First activity during the workshop is fill with LNG (under -150 ° C) of the special prepared bath. Next step is observation of the transition of liquid methane into gaseous form, which may cause the formation of explosion zones. Those activities required full control of the process and using methane detectors for all the time. The next point is demonstration showing the influence of cryogenic liquid (LNG) on the properties of various materials - carbon steel, acid steel or plastics. In addition, Cryogas workers show behaviour of LNG in contact with water or soil.


The final part of the workshop is extinguishing of burning LNG with usage of various methods. State Fire Brigade from City of Grójec shown various methods of fire extinguishing - foam fire extinguishers, water-fog fire extinguishers, powder fire extinguishers and a fire blanket.


The workshop was conducted at the dedicated and properly secured area. All actions were under continuous monitoring of methane concentrations in the air and the presence of professional rescue service and firefighters.


Cryogas dedicates special acknowledgements to Rescue and Fire Service Unit of the State Fire Service in Grójec for joint execution of workshop, as well Rescue Service. Company also acknowledges area operator – Rzemieślnik Raceclub – for making area availability for the workshop.

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