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Sales and delivery of natural gas 

Since 2012 the ongoing process of gas market liberalisation in Poland has been bringing measurable effects for both gas recipients and independent suppliers. The development of the gas market in Poland has been accompanied by many macroeconomic, infrastructural and political changes. What was of enormous importance for gas market development was, for example, the launch of the gas market on the Towarowa Giełda Energii (PolPX) in December 2012, investments in the network infrastructure and expansion in subsequent years to increase the technical capacity of the physical import of gas from Germany via the Yamal gas pipeline, and thus to increase the delivery safety guarantee. At present, the technical capacity of gas import from the West and South covers more than 90% of our import needs. What is more, if we include the LNG terminal in Świnoujście in this capacity, we may practically assume that Poland has a power surplus. The launch of the gas market on TGE and the increased capacity at border connections with Germany and the Czech Republic granted access to domestic and foreign wholesale markets, and thus enabled gas suppliers to offer flexible products adapted to the Client's needs on competitive conditions.


The goal of the company, Cryogas, is to adapt the offer to the Client's needs. Depending on the demand and specific nature of natural gas consumption, we offer:

  • gas deliveries adjusted to the consumption profile,
  • fixed price for the entire delivery period,
  • variable price based on market conditions,
  • 'mix' price,
  • comprehensive deliveries to a physical point in the distribution and/or transmission network,
  • deliveries to the OTC Virtual Point,
  • deliveries at the German-Polish border.


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