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Vendor change process 

Every Recipient has the right to change the supplier. The supplier change does not cause any interruption in gas delivery, and the Recipient does not have to pay any fees to either the operator or vendor in order to carry out the process. The vendor change procedure is initiated by the Recipient by selecting a new vendor and concluding a comprehensive agreement for gas fuel deliveries with it.

We help our Clients with all formalities, and if you grant us with powers of attorney to conduct the vendor change process, we will be able to deal with all the formalities related to it for you. The whole process takes up to about 30 days.


Supplier change procedure:

  1. The Recipient connected to the distribution network of the Distribution System Operator (DSO) is entitled to change the natural gas supplier.

  2. The supplier change is registered by DSO and becomes effective at the beginning of a new gas month.

  3. The supplier change process is initiated by the Recipient.

  4.  The Recipient or new seller authorized by the recipient terminates or partially terminates the sales agreement or comprehensive agreement with the previous supplier and concludes an agreement with the new supplier.

  5. The Recipient or, upon the authorization of the recipient, the new supplier informs DSO in writing about the conclusion of the new sales agreement. The report should include:

- determination of parties to the new sales agreement,  

- term of the agreement,  

- planned quantities of gas fuel and contractual power,  

- extract from the distribution agreement if the Recipient has not concluded a comprehensive agreement with the new supplier.

  6. The Recipient cannot change the supplier more often than twice in a gas year.

  7. In the event of a supplier change, the ordered contractual power for points of exit and the tariff group according to which DSO settles the provision of the distribution services to the point of exit from the distribution system for a given Recipient remain unchanged.

  8. Within 7 days from the Receipt of the report concerning the supplier change, DSO informs the previous and new supplier about the ongoing supplier change procedure.

  9. DSO is obliged to take a reading of the measurement system on the date of the supplier change.

10. In the case of a measurement system which prevents the registration of data, the reading may be delayed, but it should take place not later than within 5 working days after the supplier change.

11. If the reading of the measurement device described in the preceding point is not possible, DSO estimates the quantity of fuel on the supplier change date according to the relevant formula.

12. DSO assigns the measurement and settlement system of a given Recipient to the new supplier on the day of reading according to points 9, 10 and 11.

13. The indication of the measurement device on the date of supplier change is presented to the previous and new suppliers by the 5th working day of the next month. On this basis, the previous supplier prepares the final settlement for the Recipient.

14. The previous supplier promptly provides DSO and the Distribution Services Customer with the information about the cessation of operation.

15. The supplier’s obligations are taken over at the beginning of the gas day starting the gas month in which the new sales agreement becomes effective: according to the indications of the registration devices of the measurement system for Recipients having measurement and settlement systems that enable data registration, according to the algorithm set forth in point 11 for Recipients having measurement systems which prevent data registration.


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