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LNG for transport 

The benefits of switching to drive with LNG

What your company gains by choosing liquefied natural gas instead of diesel.

Dane wykresu/Advantage ON LNG
Price of fuel 100 70
CO2 Emissions 100 90
Noise 100 90
  • Reduction of fuel cost.

  • Lower operating costs of vehicles (TCO).

  • Reduction of exhaust emissions.

  • Quiet operation of engine.

  • Safety impovement in using the vehicle.


Confirmation of results in real road conditions


International transport (GVM: 40,0 t)

Domestic transport  (GVM: 40,0 t)

Municipal vehicles  (GVM: 7,5 – 40,0 t)


Chart. Comparison of driving with diesel and LNG in HD trucks. The comparison made in reference to the value for a Diesel engine.

Data: Road tests in Poland - IKEA and PGK Śrem projects


Why LNG instead of CNG

Natural gas in compressed form (CNG) proves the adventages of methane as a fuel. Using LNG makes possible to implement them for HD vehicles.

Zbiornik LNG


Photo. LNG tank

Greater range with the same tank size

Up to 1.500 km mileage on single refuelling

Shorter refuelling time

Particularly important when operating lorries on long distance


Less weight of the gas installation

Up to 50% in comparison to CNG

No influence of the temperature to the amount of stored fuel

CNG in high temperatures doesn't cover the full capacity of the tanks, LNG in each case reach full volume of tank

Zbiornik CNG

Photo. A set of CNG tanks

Source: Iveco

Dane wykresu/Advantage CNG LNG
The amount of fuel 37 100
Range 38.46 100
Refueling time 100 50
Mass of tanks 100 60
Actual filling after refueling 77 100

Compare the adventages of LNG in relation to CNG

Check the benefits!


Cryogas M&T Poland solution for LNG-powered trucks

We invite you to get acquainted with the comprehensive plan of transition to gas propulsion. An individually developed solution is a guarantee of savings and effective implementation.

  • In long-term contract the LNG price might be a parity to one of the popular market fuel indexes (e.g.  natural gas or wholesale Diesel price).

  • The longer the period of LNG purchase and the greater volume of gas consumption are, the better price conditions might be offered.

  • In dedicated investment model, the fuel price includes:
    • the price of natural gas;
    • excise duty and fuel tax;
    • lease payment for the LNG station.
  • Cryogas offers tailor made solution - Each LNG station is adjusted to the individual customer's needs.
  • Before the investment’s commissioning, Cryogas trains the staff in handling the station’s equipment..
  • Cryogas conducts permanent, remote monitoring of the  station (e.g. LNG stored quantity , current equipment condition).

  • Cryogas is responsible for all legal and formal aspects:
    • LNG supplies and refueling;
    • LNG station's design, construction and maintenance.

LNG supplies

and refueling



of trucks


LNG refueling station

Deliveries, storage and refueling LNG - general information.


    LNG is transported from the liquefaction plant to LNG refueling station in dedicated cryogenic road semi-trailers that keep the liquefied gas at a low temperature while it is being transported.


    Cryogenic LNG tanks are used to store gas in liquefied form.

  • PUMP

    Cryogenic pump transfers the fuel to the LNG dispenser.


    LNG dispenser measures the amount of fuel taken, and then an LNG vehicle – truck, bus or other heavy vehicle – is fuelled by using a standardized nozzle.

LNG stations - variants

Cryogas will match the refueling installation to your needs.

Stacja pełnowymiarowa
photo. Cryogas
Stacja SKID
photo. Cryogas
Stacja kontenerowa
photo. Cryogas
Full development of the area Buildings under the station Land development
Vertical tank Horizontal tank Horizontal tank
50 and more vehicles Up yo 50 vehicles Up to 50 vehicles


Location requirements

For setting the LNG station is required area ready for HD trucks handling (LNG supplies) and access to 20 kW electricity. Fast and efficient LNG refuelling is accessible for all types of LNG stations (container type as well). For HD truck with double tanks it's consume max. 10 minutes.


Check details of the offer for transport MyLNG See more


Variant of refueling station - LCNG i LNG

Possibility of expanding the LNG station with a CNG (compressed natural gas) fueling module.


    Cryogenic tanker. LNG is transported from the liquefaction plant to LNG refueling stations in specialized cryogenic tanks that keep the liquefied gas at a low temperature while it is being transported.


    Cryogenic tanks are used to store gas in liquefied form.

  • PUMP

    Cryogenic pump pushes the fuel to the LNG dispenser.


    LNG distributor measures the amount of refueled fuel, then the standardized tip is filled with an LNG vehicle - truck, bus or other heavy vehicle.


    Manufactures the final CNG fuel, ready for refueling.


    Distributor CNG meters massively compressed gas and then refueling CNG tanks in the vehicle.

LCNG – option

As part of one refueling installation, in addition to the module

for refueling LNG, it is possible to produce and refuel natural gas in compressed form (CNG).

For this purpose, the LCNG installation is used,

acquiring compressed gas from a liquid form. 

CNG refueling from your own compressor

Do you have CNG cars and a natural gas connection?

Get to know our solution for gas network!


See more


Cryogas as an LNG supplier for transport

The company experience in the construction and operation of LNG refueling stations.

Iveco Stralis LNG road tests

Operation: Long-distatnce tests of LNG trucks
Start: June - November 2015
Fleet: IKEA Distribution North Europe
Status: Cryogas provides refueling infrastructure, as well as delivery and refueling of LNG to vehicles


The first LNG station for multicipal company

Operation: Design and construction of LNG / CNG refueling stations
Start: September 2015
Fleet: Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej Śrem
Status: In February 2015, Cryogas won a tender for the design and construction of LNG / CNG refueling station and gas supply.


LNG refueling stations made by Cryogas

Presentation of the investment process based on own experience.

proces budowy


Task: Design and construction of LNG station for refueling vehicles
Locations and commissioning: Olsztyn (2014), Śrem (2015)
Created by: Cryogas M&T Poland


Comprehensive investment process for the construction of LNG station in terms of:

  • Obtaining the relevant permits
  • Complete construction project
  • Establishment of construction managers and inspectors
  • Implementation of all construction and sanitary works, as well as all other general construction works
  • Obtaining a permit to use the facility


Are you looking for a place where you can refuel LNG?

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CNG/LNG powered trucks

Get the know the market offer of CNG / LNG-powered trucks.

LNG-powered trucks – long-distance traffic:

Stralis NP 400 LNG Stralis NP 460 LNG R 410 LNG FH/FM LNG
Engine: CURSOR 9 LNG Engine: CURSOR 13 LNG Engine: OC13 101 410 Engine: G13C460
Engine capacity: 8.700 ccm Engine capacity: 12.900 ccm Engine capacity: 12.700 ccm Engine capacity: 12.800 ccm

Power engine: 400 KM

294 kW/2.000

Power engine: 460 KM

338 kW/1.900

Power engine: 410 KM

302 kW/1.900

Power engine: 460 KM 
338 kW/1.800

Torque: 1.700 Nm


Torque: 2.000 Nm


Torque: 2.000 Nm


Torque: 2.300 Nm

Range:  do 1.600km Range: do 1.600km Range: do 1.600km Range:  do 1.000km

Source and photo.: Iveco, Cryogas, Scania, Volvo Trucks


CNG/LNG-powered trucks – urban and regional traffic:

Stralis NP 330 CNG/LNG D Wide CNG P 340 CNG/LNG FE CNG
Engine: CURSOR 8 Engine: NGT 9 Engine: OC09 102 340 CNG Engine: G9K320
Engine capacity: 7.800 ccm Engine capacity: 8.900 ccm Engine capacity: 9.300 ccm Engine capacity: 8.900 ccm

Power engine: 330 KM

243 kW/2.000

Power engine: 320 KM

239 kW/1.950

Power engine: 340 KM

250 kW/1.900

Power engine: 320 KM 
239 kW/2.100

Torque: 1.300 Nm


Torque: 1.356 Nm


Torque: 1.600 Nm


Torque: 1.356 Nm
1.300 - 1.400

Range: CNG do 500 km,
LNG do 1.600 km
Range: 300 - 400 km Range: CNG do 500 km,
LNG do 1.600 km
Range: 300 - 400 km

Source and photo.: Iveco, Crogas, Scania, Volvo Trucks


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