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LCNG Station

Cryogas has opened an LCNG station in Warsaw


Customers can now refuel CNG at the new Cryogas station in Warsaw. The main recipient are city buses of the Michalczewski company. The LCNG station, located near the S8 route, can handle up to 160 vehicles a day. Cryogas also plans to add LNG refuelling in the future.

Mainly CNG buses from the Michalczewski company are refuelled at the Cryogas LCNG Station. These vehicles serve public transport lines in Warsaw. Replacing diesel with CNG fuel allowed for a significant reduction in exhaust emissions and noise, as well as a reduction in fuel costs. Ecological CNG fuel was also recommended by the party ordering transport services.


- Our company attaches great importance to the care for the environment, said Aleksandra Michalczewska, President of Michalczewski Sp. z o.o. - One of the solutions is to invest in environmentally friendly natural gas buses. Compared to diesel vehicles, they do not emit soot (particulate matter). Another benefit is the lower emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Our fleet currently has 29 CNG vehicles. We chose Cryogas as our CNG refuelling partner. The company made quick CNG refuelling available in a short time.


Operation of city buses in Warsaw is a constant struggle against time. Crowded streets, unexpected events and the number of courses necessitate the use of efficient technologies. The LCNG station built and designed by Cryogas turned out to be an excellent response to the needs of Michalczewski.


- The use of LCNG stations instead of CNG compressors enables the refuelling of up to 160 CNG vehicles in a short time - said Jarosław Patyk, Vice President of the Management Board of Cryogas. - With CNG provided directly from LNG, Cryogas ensures high efficiency of the station. Gas-powered cars can be refuelled less often and faster than at regular CNG stations. We also plan to add an LNG refuelling module next year. It is a response to the growing demand for CNG and LNG from local entrepreneurs.


The LCNG station allows to refuel all CNG-powered vehicles : delivery vans, trucks and buses.


General characteristics of the station:

 The station is accessed with CryogasCard fuel cards, which are also accepted at the LNG/CNG station in Śrem.

  • CNG quick refuelling dispensers with NGV-1 and NGV-2 nozzles.
  • The station allows to refuel 140-160 CNG trucks/buses per day.
  • LNG is delivered in cryogenic car tanks and stored in a vertical LNG tank at the station.
  • The station is located close to the S8 expressway in Warsaw, at ul. Płochocińska.
  • The station allows for problem-free operation of vehicles up to 18 m long, with up to 40 t DMC. The station features a 24-hour grocery store for drivers; toilets are available.




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