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Cryogas invites you to POL-ECO SYSTEM 2017


On 17-19.10.2017 we invite you to Cryogas stand in Methane Zone, dedicated to LNG / CNG vehicles in Poland. During the visit, we will introduce  visitors to the ecological and economic benefits of using natural gas for road transport.

At the Cryogas stand all interested persons can see the advantages of using LNG and CNG for transport. Among the vehicles we will show Iveco Stralis NP400 LNG.

If you are interested in meeting with our company representative, we kindly ask for in advance contact:

Karol Wieczorek

Tel: +48 720 800 392



Pol-Eco System – visitor information


Pol-Eco-System 2017

International Poznan Trades

Głogowska 14 Str.

60-734 Poznań

Ekopolis, Methane Zone

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